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Here's a unique opportunity to promote your services, products or organization to current and future residents and businesses of Kensington!


Advertising on aboutkensington.com couldn't be any easier. Here are the four simple steps to getting your ad on this popular site.

1 Ad Design

PagePointFor a limited time, you can have a graphic design professional create your advertisement to appear on aboutkensington.com. PagePoint Web Solutions, will work with you to design an ad for your business or organization at no cost to you.

If you wish to create your own ad, it must be 120 pixels wide and either 30, 60, or 90 pixels high. (See the examples in Step 2, below.) We reserve the right to refuse ads that could be considered offensive by community standards. Additionally, we request that ads incorporate colors that are complimentary to the color schemes existing on the site.

2 Ad Sizing and Base Price (per month)

Small Example Medium Example Large Example
120 x 30 pixels   120 x 60 pixels   120 x 90 pixels
Small: $5   Medium: $10   Large: $15

3 Ad Placement

"Above the fold" is a term borrowed from the newspaper industry. It describes the information that appears above the fold of the newspaper ... the most important stuff. The Web Design industry has adopted this expression to describe the content that the majority of Web users will see on a page without having to scroll down. Since not everyone scrolls down on a page, ads that appear "above the fold" are the ads that will be seen by the most people. (Look for the yellow bar on the right side of this page to show you the "fold".)

Ads on the homepage are the most visible on the site. While some viewers may bookmark pages within the site and jump right to those pages, most viewers will begin each visit to aboutkensington.com on the homepage.

4 Calculating the Cost

The table above, in Step 2, describes the "base" price (per month) for ads of different sizes. These prices are based on placement "below the fold" on pages other than the homepage. If your ad appears "above the fold" on any page, there is an additional $5 charge per ad. Also, if your ad appears on the homepage, there is an additional $5 charge per ad. For example, if you place a medium size ad above the fold on the homepage, the cost is $10 + $5 + $5 = $20. Similarly, if you place a large ad on the Services page, below the fold, the cost is simply $15.

Ads space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Ads are placed and billed on a quarterly (i.e., three-month) schedule. You will be notified at least two-weeks prior to the end of your ad's run and given the opportunity to renew your ad.


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