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Sal's Single Fathers' Kitchen

Do you have a great recipe? Do you have a helpful kitchen tip? Would you like to share you and your children's favorite recipes with other single fathers in an exciting new Web site and cookbook? If your answers are, "Yes!", then please complete this recipe questionnaire and send it back quickly to assure you a place in our site. We need your help, and with your recipe, we will have the most talked about site of our time. Thanks.

Sloppy Joes
Chocolate Pie
Fried Chicken
Molasses Cookies
Here's your chance to contribute to a Web site AND printed cookbook for single fathers! Don't keep that great recipe a secret any longer. Other single fathers are waiting to test it out! Submit your recipes to Salvatore today.

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Got a great kitchen tip? Don't keep it a secret! You may be able to save another single father precious minutes, and even more precious sanity! Send in your kitchen tips today!

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